Kung Fu Xué Xiào


3rd generation Ip Man Family Wing Chun.
Sifu Alberto Marletta was awarded the title of Grandmaster at the Munich HoH in 2019, by the International Commission led by G.M. Cynthia Rothrock and G.M. Samuel Kwok, after long years of study and assiduous practice of the Martial Arts since 1976.

A black belt and instructor in a variety of oriental disciplines, he has participated in several competitions with excellent results.

Sifu Alberto Marletta founded the Kung Fu Xué Xiào Sports and Cultural Association with the aim of passing on the teaching of Kung Fu in its various forms. To promote the Chinese culture and philosophy of Martial Arts and wellness through movement.

He also and especially delves into the principles behind the effectiveness of combat techniques with studies of Qi Gong and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

He graduates Shiatsuka with the European Shiatsu Institute so he can thoroughly analyze and develop the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to certain forms of movement.

He gains in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with KMI Structural Integration®.
He is a certified Stretch Therapist® and CovaTech Pilates Teacher.

Offers training programs that integrate the principles of Western training, with those of movement for health from Eastern disciplines.
Works alongside the sports trainers of professionals in the Martial Arts to provide them with a personalized and effective training method.
Particularly popular with a diverse audience are his self-defense classes.


• Grandmaster of the Year by Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit, 2020
• Nomination for Grandmaster, 2019
• Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts, 2019
• Master of the Year by Hall of Fame Martial Arts Italy World Union of Grand Masters, 2018
• Excellent Educational Works in Martial Arts by Martial Hero Award, 2018
• Excellent Educational Works in Martial Arts by Suisse Hall of Honour, 2018
• Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts by Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit, 2018
• Dedication and Loyalty to Traditional Ip Man Family Wing Chun by SKWCMAA, 2018
• Master of the Year by Suisse Hall of Honour, 2017
• Lifetime Achievement in Martial Arts by Suisse Hall of Honour, 2016
• Master of the Year by Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit, 2015
• Master of the Martial Arts: Ip Man Wing Chun by Worlwide Martial Arts Council, 2014

Certified Kung Fu Instructors Xué Xiào

Certified Instructors of the Xué Xiào Kung Fu Association follow an additional course to the regular classes offered by the Kung Fu School designed to train professional instructors. Passing a final exam whose topics include the basics of biomechanics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, major human pathologies, and various teaching methodologies certifies the student as a Certified Instructor of the Kung Fu Xué Xiào Association.

Oscar Perissinotto

• L1 Instructor

Paola Caprani

• L1 Instructor