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How does enrollment in Kung Fu classes take place?

In order to be enrolled in the courses, it is necessary during the first meeting, to fill out a form with your personal data and to read and accept the regulations by your signature (signature and authorization to practice Martial Art by parents for minors). It is also necessary to be current with the payment of the chosen subscription.

What happens after enrollment?

The student who wishes to attend Kung Fu Chun Xué Xiào SCHOOL will be assigned a login (Name and Password) in order to access the School’s website with his/her credentials.
The student agrees not to disclose these credentials and the information he or she will have access to.
On the website, the trainee will find the syllabus (according to his or her grade) and the theoretical material needed to pass the exams.
At each level change, the trainee with his login will automatically access the new syllabus.
The student will have to provide a passport photo required for his or her sports passport. Various information such as level transitions, participation in practical and theoretical seminars, and years of membership in the Kung Fu Xué Xiào Association will be marked on that passport.
A student who chooses a subscription (monthly, quarterly, or seasonal) is entitled to attend all classes held during the week at Kwoon in Lugano.

What does the clothing of the Kung Fu practitioner consist of?

The practitioner must wear the Kung Fu Xué Xiào Association white shirt, Kung Fu Xué Xiào Association long pants, dark socks, light dark sneakers (white sole for Mendrisio Kwoon) clean to be used only during classes inside the Kwoon. No necklaces, rings or other items that could cause harm to other students are allowed.

How are the classes conducted?

Depending on one’s rank, the student will take theoretical and practical lessons inherent in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu as proposed by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong.
Practical lessons include improving one’s muscle tone using both equipment provided by Kwoon and free-body. Practice of traditional Qi Gong and Martial Qi Gong forms, bag training, and various types of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques.
Martial Power Pro classes consist of 5 bouts:
– Speed and Strenght
– Stamina
– Deep Stretch
– Power and Conditioning
– Inner Energy
A true 90-minute BootCamp session
Deep concentration and extremely demanding work for a personal psycho-physical UPGRADE! !!
Good health is required to participate in the course; you cannot leave the class unless for serious health reasons.

In traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, are there any competitions involved?

No. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a pure Martial Art whose purpose is the mental and physical healing and well-being of those who practice it. Moreover, this Art is by far the best system of self-defense. Also called the Art of Counterattack, it leaves no room for the attacker to act, rendering him harmless in an extremely effective and definitive manner through the use of a limited number of techniques. In Kwoon, during classes, sparring sessions are scheduled (depending on one’s training) where it will be possible to simulate fights with one or more opponents.
Several combat professionals study Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques in depth as they are practical and fast. Such study improves their performance as fighters.

Why take the exams for Wing Chun Kung Fu school students?

Examinations are not compulsory; the choice to take the grade transitions is the student’s alone.
Grade passage testifies to effective learning of Kung Fu ethics, techniques and theories of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Grade passage is recognized by the color of a belt and white stripes (from one to four).

Site of Kung Fu Xué Xiào


Via Besso 59  | CH-6900 LUGANO
Training dates/hours:
• Monday19.00 – 20.30
• Thrusday19.00 – 20.30


KWOON Manager: Sifu Alberto Marletta

Phone / WhatsApp / Telegram:

+41 78 717 29 27


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