Qi Gong is a unique system developed in China to promote health and adapt the individual to the social, historical and cultural environment in which he or she lives; it is also able to tap into the latent potential of human beings.

Qi Gong means life energy work, movement practice on life energy.

It is a holistic healing art that involves body and mind; moreover, it can also be regarded as a type of preventive medicine.

To be perfected requires long and disciplined practice. Significant results cannot be achieved quickly, and one cannot expect to become an expert in a few years.

Qi Gong, when taught professionally and practiced consistently, provides mobility in old age, muscle tone and flexibility, and mental and physical balance.

Qi Gong exercises aim to improve the balance of Yin and Yang elements not only within the body, but also between the body and the outside world. The exercises and movements of Qi Gong serve to preserve and develop energy (Qi). This exercise stimulates the body’s energy levels through postural exercises and movements that are often slow and gentle, activating blood circulation along the arteries and veins and stimulating the flow of life energy along the meridians. It also trains joints without stressing or damaging them, tendons and muscles without overstressing them.

Medical evaluation in the practice of Qi Gong

Over these years, the beneficial effects of practicing this Art have been recognized and confirmed by clinical practice and clinical research. Effects on the nervous system, effects on the respiratory system, effects on the circulatory system, effects on the digestive system, and effects on the endocrine system.
In addition, the value of Qi Gong in strengthening the immune system has been documented. It has been found that Qi Gong practice can raise the density of prolactin in plasma, thus producing relaxation; it can lower the level of cortical hormone in plasma, relieving depression and tension; it can decrease the rate of protein turnover, which delays aging.
It can consequently be said, that serious and constant practice supervised by professional teachers, benefits the physical well-being of human beings.

Martial Qi Gong enhances the internal/external qualities of practitioners of any Martial Art.

The constant study of Martial Qi Gong is recommended for practitioners of any Martial Art regardless of the level attained.
Martial Qi Gong combines the undoubted benefits of traditional Qi Gong with features such as increased muscle tone, resistance to fatigue and improvement in speed of execution of techniques.


The teachings of Kung Fu are not only practiced in the gymnasium but are also useful throughout one’s existence.

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